What Socks Do You Wear with Sperrys – Guide for You

Today it is not a problem to buy and wear boat shoes, because they are listed in the top offers of many shoe and clothing stores. Models of fashion podiums demonstrate them, such shoes protect celebrity feet on yachting, they are equally successful among successful businessmen and ordinary citizens. There are different names for this model: topsiders, yachting shoes, Boat Shoes, deck shoes. But it does not affect the quality and durability of shoes.

Moreover! Manufacturers are constantly creating new variations of the wearing boat shoes, which sometimes look more like loafers, very reminiscent of the usual loafers or sneakers. And all just to satisfy the customers! What socks do you wear with Sperrys? Our recommendations will help you maintain harmony in a stylish men’s image with Boat Shoes. Join us, it will be interesting!

Men’s Topsiders: the History of Creation

Thanks to the observation of a carefree walking spaniel, whose paws did not slip at all on wet ice, Paul Sperry created a practical boat shoes for yachting. Its distinctive feature is a hard rubber sole with signature herringbone cuts, which gives maximum traction on the wet deck even when rocking and wear boat shoes.Sperrys

The official birth year of the legendary boat shoes is 1935, that’s when the first pair of Sperry men’s topsides saw the light. But the deck shoes did not remain a niche product for long. Already in 1939, they drew the attention of the U.S. Navy, which signed a contract for the production of these shoes for the needs of the Navy.

Like many popular clothing styles today (jeans, trench coats), before long the boat shoes gladly wear  from the army uniforms by ordinary citizens. Thanks to their many competitive advantages, the Boat Shoes became very popular and quickly spread around the world. In a short period of time, they became a truly classic boat shoes for men and women.

After their inclusion in Lisa Birnbach’s The Official Preppy Style Guide, topsiders experienced a second birth and a return of consumer interest. This happened in 1980. After that, this shoe was recognized as the masthead of preppy style. At that time men made up about 90 percent of the buyer’s wear boat shoes.

Characteristics of Boat Shoes

Original boat shoe is something in between loafers and regular sneakers. However, they have a number of distinctive features to wear by which we recognize them:

  • Traditional Boat Shoes are sewn by hand.
  • The white color of the boat shoes is designed with one goal in mind: not to leave marks on the snow-white deck. No surprise here, since Paul Sperry was an avid yachtsman. He knew exactly how to save boat owners from having to constantly scrub the deck.
  • A leather lace-up distinguishes Sperry topsiders from classic moccasins. It’s threaded through the holes around the perimeter of the upper foot, extremely durable and perfectly holds the shoes on the foot. However, sometimes the lace is completely absent or can be made of a different material.
  • The special anodized coating of the lacing holes does not rust and withstands the effects of aggressive environments for several seasons. It will pleasantly surprise any practical man who prefers quality and durable boat shoe.
  • Specially treated leather is also considered a trademark, from which this style of boat shoes for yachting is sewn. It has water repellent properties and can withstand repeated wetting. This is one of the main advantages of this model. In addition, already after several socks the leather upper acquires the shape of the foot, which creates an incredible comfort when walking.
  • The traditional Boat Shoes are famous for their unusual shape and strong threaded edging. It is an innovation invented by Sebago.

Differences from Moccasins

In appearance topsiders are very similar to moccasins, but there are still significant differences. What are the differences between these two types of boat shoe, let’s consider in more detail.

  • Boat shoes were originally created as a special footwear for yachts. Moccasins are an everyday shoe. Boat shoes have a rigid sole of white color (now, of course, they make them with other colors), with a good relief. Moccasins have a soft sole made of a solid piece of leather or rubber.
  • Original boat shoe must have a lace-up to fix your foot, while loafers do not have to.
  • Topsiders are made without decorative elements, but moccasins can be decorated with strasses, different accessories.
  • Topsiders are often made of leather, but moccasins can be both leather and textile.



Sperry originally introduced the boat shoes model with a white sole and brown leather upper. This color has become traditional for this brand of boat shoe. Later, a black upper was added, but the boat shoes remained pristine white. However, nowadays Boat Shoes is available in different colors: black, all shades of brown, blue, white, red, sandy, gray, burgundy, and all kinds of combinations. Including prints.

As for the sole, in addition to white, manufacturers are also actively used and other light shades. For example, beige.

Complement for clothes in the nautical style most often are the classic boat shoes in brown. It is worth remembering that men’s models of shoes will suit any chosen image. The main thing is the ability to combine clothing and shoes in color.

If we talk about the colors of the soles, manufacturers use light shades, such as white or beige.

Thanks to a variety of boat shoes colors, you can choose a model for any occasion. If previously the most common was a combination of white and chocolate colors in topsiders, but now their design is not limited to anything. The most popular colors of boat shoes at the moment are as follows.

  • White boat shoes have given way to milky or Ivory. This shade perfectly harmonizes with chocolate and leather laced shoes, emphasizing the advantages of the model.
  • In the conditions of the cities brown boat shoes began to be replaced by a palette of beige and its shades. This version looks much more effective compared to the classic version, giving the model an aristocratic look.
  • Blue boat shoes combine well with the nautical style, although dark blue continues to be a more practical option for topsiders.
  • On the background of white clothes looks great bright fuchsia, highlighting the style of the urban dandy.
  • Stripes, as well as floral and pictorial motifs give the shoes a chic look, so be sure to look at the models with prints.
  • A universal option for everyday wear, office and walking are blue boat shoes. Depending on the material, the shade can be very different. Boat shoes made “under denim” look fresh and suitable for young people. Leather topsiders look business-like restrained, suede shoes perfectly go with all things and are suitable for everyday wear.
  • Sandy shade in combination with white soles will be perfect for everyday looks, and in suede shoes this combination will look especially soft.

Popular Manufacturers of Men’s Topsiders

Despite the fact that the creator of the original boat shoe was the brand Sperry, today there are a number of other manufacturers of this legendary model of boat shoes. And they are no less popular:

  • Timberland is Sperry’s main competitor;
  • The already mentioned company Sebago. Beginning in the 60’s, it produces its own version of this shoe style (called docksides);
  • Tommy Hilfiger;
  • Storm;
  • Paraboot;
  • Rockport;
  • Lacoste;
  • And others.

man in sperrys

Each brand of boat shoes has its own characteristics.


Timberland brand of boat shoes has a number of distinctive features.

  • The sole is made of recycled tires.
  • The sole has two layers, which protects your feet from getting wet.
  • The leather used for sewing is a bit thicker than in the classic models.

Shoes of this brand are made not only of leather, but also of nubuck and suede.

Tommy Hilfiger

The main distinguishing characteristic of the brand of boat shoes is that the company prioritizes the comfort of the consumer. To this end, the manufacturer:

  • Develops new materials for the sole to make the shoes as light as possible;
  • Conducts research to assess the wearing comfort of products.

It is known that this company has a special department, which is engaged exclusively in problems of comfort of the models.


This company specializes in sewing clothes made of denim, but the fashionable topsiders are also included in their sphere of interest. Externally, the shoes of this brand can be distinguished by the following signs:

  • The logo is made from a separate piece of leather;
  • It is attached to the heel with red and blue thread.

Particular attention is paid to durability and reliability, as evidenced by the double stitching on the tread.


This company is an innovator in developing original models of boat shoes. They produce topsiders made of textile. For their sewing, high quality natural material is used, for example:

  • denim;
  • canvas;

Such models are very comfortable and beautiful.


This is a German brand that features democratic prices and affordable products. The shoes of this brand have a number of features.

  • The sole is made of rubber, or of polymers.
  • Artificial materials are used for sewing the outer parts.
  • Inner parts adjacent to the foot are made of genuine leather.

The company upgraded the technology of topsides, making them available to everyone.


This firm was one of the first companies that were interested in producing new boat shoes. The boat shoes of this brand are distinguished by their original design. The firm was the first to produce leather models of combined colors.

Topsiders of this brand have a special name. They are called docksides.


This brand specializes in the production of youth shoes, so its distinctive features:

  • original design;
  • the use of natural materials, including fabric;
  • the combination of synthetic and natural raw materials to make the product affordable to all buyers.

The company has departed from the traditional technology, using synthetic fabrics for the lining and insole.


The company is engaged in the production of sportswear and footwear, so the topsiders in its performance are distinguished by:

  • high quality;
  • lightweight;

Now the company develops new models, which are distinguished by the presence of built-in hardware, allowing the owner to listen to music while walking.


Sperry essentially invented topsides. If you want shoes from the “pioneers” of yachting shoes, then Sperry topsides are definitely for you. The brand’s founder, back in 1935, invented special shoes for sea travel when he himself slipped on the deck of his boat. Sperry’s idea was simple: waterproof, saltwater-resistant materials and a non-slip sole. The implementation was excellent, and Sperry shoes are still popular today.

Why buy Sperry men’s topsiders?

  • Rich history and time-tested production technologies;
  • A large collection of both specialized sports topsiders and models for every day;
  • Modern design and original quality;
  • A multitude of collaborations with other brands, owing to which a variety of colors appeared.

Minor disadvantages of Sperry topsides that are worth paying attention to:

  • The price of most models is higher than the competition;
  • The design has not changed much for more than 80 years. If you want more modern models, it is better to look at shoes from other brands and its can wear socks with boat shoes.

Under the influence of the growing demand for such shoes, manufacturers are constantly developing more and more new models. In addition to leather, there are also deck shoes made of textile, suede, canvas and denim. In any case, such shoes have a high level of quality. Can you wear socks with boat shoes?

With What to Wear Men’s Boat Shoes: Wear Socks with Sperrys

Top-Sider model perfectly combines with jeans, chinos, socks with Sperrys, as well as cotton or linen summer pants of a straight cut. Dare to wear pants with folded pant legs if you like to show your stylish clothes and wear socks with boat shoes to the people around you!shoes

Topsiders are not alien to the neighborhood with shorts. The medium length is a priority. It can be yachting shorts, understated Bermuda design or more colorful models in Hawaiian style.

As for the top, deck shoes fit seamlessly into ensembles featuring button-down shirts, polo shirts, thin pullovers, t-shirts, longsleeves, blazers, socks with Sperrys. In such images, the permanent leader is clothing in nautical, smart-casual and preppy-style. But the strict classic suit is inappropriate here.

Wear Topsiders With Jeans

Topsiders, like jeans, were borrowed from army uniforms. The common history unites these two closet items quite well. Summer look with topsiders and jeans will always look expensive and elegant. Such a bow is suitable to wear for city walks or trips to the countryside.

The only thing you should pay attention to when choosing wear jeans under topsiders is color. It was mentioned above that “boat” shoes are most often made in light shades. In order not to overload the image, try to pick light jeans or, conversely, dark shoes. There is a great choice for any look, for example, the brand Sperry – classics of “yacht” shoes.

Wear Topsiders With Shorts

Such shoes look good to wear with shorts. Although the variant with shorts would hardly suit to wear for the city, where it is not customary for men to bare legs, but for a walk on the yacht or rest by the sea this option is a great solution. It is best to refer to the models of shorts of medium length. These can be both special yachting shorts and classic wide Bermuda. In an informal setting you can combine “yacht” shoes even with extravagant Hawaiian shorts. For such occasions many brands have shoes to wear in bright colors and even with prints.

How to Choose Accessories

Topsiders can be wear with any accessories that are appropriate for the summer period. The obvious choice to wear is the sunglasses. Choose a model and a shape, relying on personal preferences and the shape of your face. Chroma of glasses should not strongly stand out from the general color scheme of your clothes. Baseball caps, caps, visors and hats are also appropriate as accessories in the portrait zone.

The belt should also match the color of your shoes. This is quite difficult to do, considering that topsiders are usually made in several colors. Choose an accessory that matches the main color of your shoes.

Men’s topsiders are a mast have of the stylish man’s summer closet, which today can be afforded not only by owners of luxury yachts. Men, who appreciate comfort and practicality, choose the shoes for the fact that they give freedom to their feet, combined with various elements of clothing. It’s easy to choose a simple but sophisticated to wear socks with boat shoes and emphasize your individuality. Also you may wear socks with boat shoes.

Wear Socks with Sperrys: Is It Possible to Wear Together?

This is a traditional question for all fashionistas, who are trying to diversify their everyday closet. But there is no unambiguous answer to it. Why? Because originally deck shoes were conceived as a comfortable and safe special footwear for walking on the ship, and were worn only on bare feet.Sperrys

But time went on. Gradually, the ensemble of Boat Shoes was joined by socks with Sperrys – an obligatory attribute of the urban closet. Sometimes men wear socks with Sperrys, but more often they were low invisible models.

However, not everyone is a fan of the ” wear socks with Sperrys or without socks” duo. There are also avid conservatives who pay tribute to tradition. Men’s rejection of socks with Sperrys is also largely influenced by the fashion of recent years, which suggests wearing shoes on the bare foot. As a result – the dispute between supporters of one or another opinion does not die down to this day!

Therefore, today every man decides for himself whether to wear socks with Sperrys or without socks. The result depends on personal desire, preferred style of dressing and also place and event, where it is planned to go in these shoes. How do you wear socks with Sperrys? Watch this video and explain more information about it:

Useful Information: Can You Wear Socks With Boat Shoes?

Many of us love wearing our boat shoes in summer but do you wear socks with them? In this video you will learn what socks do you can wear with sperrys.


In the city bow, the socks with boat shoes bring back pleasant memories of a vacation at the seaside resort or a cruise on the Cote d’Azur. Top-Siders became a stylish component of democratic images, in which there is no place for starched collars and arrows on pants.

And what brand’s wearing boat shoes you personally like and why? Do you wear socks with Sperrys? Write in the comments, your opinion is important to us!


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