The Best Moisture Wicking Socks – How To Choose

When your feet sweat a lot, you can become very frustrated or even embarrassed because of this problem. Some people even state that regular changes of their socks, washing the feet and taking shoes off as often as possible doesn’t help and their socks become very sweaty. It is rather irritating since you cannot put of your shoes while buying a new pair without a scent of embarrassment or on any other social occasion. To avoid this problem you should choose the best moisture wicking socks.

We know that even a small thing can destroy our self-confidence, so we really care when someone can notice sweating or odor, which makes us feel really uncomfortable.

How To Choose Best Moisture Wicking Socks - Top 5

In reality, the main issue is caused by your socks. choosing the wrong garments may have an awful impact on sweating and on the whole quality of activities and life. When you find your best wicking socks, your feet will stay dry and in comfort for a long time. The vital feature on which the absorption of socks depends is the fabric which socks are made of.

Remembering this, we have prepared research on the best moisture-wicking socks. We hope that it will be helpful for you and you will find a perfect pair of socks for sweaty feet.

Types Of Fabric Not Suitable For Sweating Feet

If you often wash your feet but they are still sweating, we are sure that it’s because of the material of your socks. It is really important since the inside layer of socks interacts with our skin and affects it a lot. If you have this issue, these materials are not for your feet:

  • Synthetic

Socks made of plastic, polyester, and nylon are not breathable and don’t let moisture evaporate from your skin. So during hot weather, you will sweat a lot. Moreover, they do not absorb water, so you will feel wet. In addition to this, it’s a perfect ground for bacteria and fungi.

Moreover, synthetic materials themselves are not durable enough to face immense sweating, so it destroys them more quickly. Sometimes synthetic socks work well to keep your feet dry, but they are always made of specially engineered synthetic fabric.

  • Cotton

We all know that cotton is very often used for making socks, but in reality cotton socks are the worst solution for sweating feet. They are lighter and more breathable than synthetic socks, but they don’t offer good absorption.

Cotton fibers hold heat, instead of insulating (as wool does) and that heat generates bacteria and an unpleasant smell.

If such socks become wet, they will stay so for many hours, and the instant wet gives a lot of place for bacteria to grow and produce a specific unpleasant smell. In other words, cotton socks are suitable during summer intense activities for those people who don’t have sweating feet issues.

Top Socks For Sweating Feet Problem Solution

Sweating is followed by a bunch of other problems such as annoying smell, uncomfortableness, issues with open-toed shoes, and damaged shoes, so choosing good wicking socks will raise the quality of your walking.

Moreover, when you know that your feet won’t sweat under any circumstances, you feel more confident, which is important in many daily or sports activities as well as workouts.

How To Choose Best Moisture Wicking Socks - Top 5

First of all, we should remember that socks produce for sweating feet are developed from a special fabric that has high level of absorption and keeps feet dry. The best socks for stinky feet will also eliminate the growth of fungi and bacteria, which prevents odor from appearing.

The feet win over other parts of our body in the amount of the sweat glands, so we can’t fully stop sweating. Nevertheless, wicking socks will work well enough to keep your feet dry and comfortable as long as it’s possible. Effective anti-sweat socks will definitely be an important part of your wardrobe.

5 Types of Anti-Sweat Socks

We can’t say that the best moisture-wicking socks are restricted by these 5 types since modern technologies have allowed us to develop many other synthetic materials or blends. Below you can see a review of the most common types of fabric which are perfectly suitable for those people who suffer from excessive feet sweating.

Wool Socks

As wool socks are really soft and have amazing insulating properties, they have gained a lot of love from their users. They work perfectly in winter to keep your feet in warmth as well as in summer to help your feet stay cool.

Wool has a really good absorption quality which is higher than in any other materials like cotton. But although they absorb water well, they stay dry because of the unique way of wool to absorb moisture. Wool fibers take water inside of themselves rather than inside the whole fiber, which keeps them dry longer. Their tougher fiber adds strength to this function.

How To Choose Best Moisture Wicking Socks - Top 5

What is important is that wool socks are not always thick, they can be produced in a way to fit in any possible type of shoes and boots.

One of the most suitable for sweaty socks types of wool is merino wool. It can absorb 35% of its weight in moisture saving its qualities and has an antibacterial quality which inhibits unpleasant smell and the growth of fungi and bacteria. This kind of wool is also nice and soft while most wool can be called scratchy.

Moreover, merino wool keeps warmth even being wet, which is really helpful for runners. A lot of people think that merino wool is rather expensive, but it’s just a myth: any common customer may afford several pairs of merino wool anti-sweat socks.

We would recommend the following merino wool socks:

Darn Tough Hiker Cushion Sock

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Although it is stated to be a garment for hiking, it will be suitable for any other activities. It’s made of 100% merino wool and designed to be durable. As they are made of merino wool, they are rather soft and comfortable and don’t show any scratchiness.

Pure Athlete Wool Running Socks

How To Choose Best Moisture Wicking Socks - Top 5

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This choice is perfect for athletes with sweating feet. The blend of wool and synthetic materials saves dryness and keeps socks tough and stretchy while maintaining their shape. The additional features provide enough support during intense activities.

Rockay Accelerate

How To Choose Best Moisture Wicking Socks - Top 5

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Although these socks are stated to be for runners, everyone can enjoy wearing them. As well as made of organic merino wool, these socks are supplied with good support force and comfortability. In addition to this, the producer offers a lifetime guarantee. It’s also a perfect choice for those people who like it when their socks are not seen from their shoes.

Coolmax Fibers

Coolmax happens to be a polyester-based material developed by DuPont in the 1980s. Such famous sports brands as Reebok, Puma, and Nike use this material to produce socks. The fact that so marvelous brands have used this material for years makes it obvious that Coolmax is perfectly designed to be used when producing sports garments. Coolmax is usually combined with cotton, wool, spandex, or nylon.

The fabric is specially designed to take sweat away from our lower limbs. Each fiber contains 4-6 channels that flow moisture away from our feet. The fibers are constructed in a way to create special tunnels to another layer. The sweat from the skin is transported to the surrounding layer to be absorbed.

In other words, Coolmax doesn’t absorb moisture but its hydrophobic fibers keep moisture away from the feet. Another good point is that it becomes dry rapidly and is endurable. Coolmax also has antibacterial qualities preventing the growth of bacteria.

Here you can see some Coolmax socks good choices:

Thorlos Experia Low-Cut Athletic Socks

How To Choose Best Moisture Wicking Socks - Top 5

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These socks have 70% Coolmax material in it, and they are also famous for their cushioning for the balls and the heel of the feet. They help your feet to keep cool during intense activities such as workouts. Since the socks are low cut, they are not noticed from your shoes or boots, which is important for some athletes or even ordinary people.

Bridgedale Ultralight Coolmax Liner Socks

best moisture wicking socks

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These socks are made of 60% Coolmax fabric and merino wool. Since they are perfect when they are put under any wool socks, they are ideal for outdoor activities in cold temperatures. But even without an additional layer of wool socks, they perform their functions well enough to be named one of the best moisture-wicking socks options.

Olefin Fibers

Olefin is also a type of synthetic material received from chemical polyethylene. Olefin is very stiff, resilient to coloring, and becomes dry very rapidly. Olefin fibers are rather big but cover huge areas and insulate well. As you will see later, it is rather similar to Coolmax, which, as we stated earlier, is also a synthetic material.

Olefin fabric wicks moisture away from your lower limbs much quicker than any other synthetic material. Its qualities are similar to Coolmax properties – Olefin fibers don’t absorb sweat but make it go away to the outer layer.

As well as Coolmax, Olefin is antibacterial and combats foot smell and fungus. And it is also often combined with other materials such as merino wool in order to find a perfect combination to avoid excessive sweating and horrifying odor.

If you look for the best socks to keep your feet dry, you may choose the following Olefin fiber socks:

Swiftwick Performance One

best moisture wicking socks

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These socks are perfect for athletes who enjoy intense activities. They offer immense compression to your feet and help them even after workouts. It is also important that they have the antimicrobial feature, which prevents bacteria from growing and producing uncomfortable smell.

Wigwam Double Duty

best moisture wicking socks

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Cushioning in the footbed makes them perfect for hiking and any other long-distance activities. They are also thick and endurable, which combines well with their antimicrobial quality. But remember that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to use the best socks for athlete’s foot – they are ideally suitable for everyday use.

Bamboo Fiber

We are not used to the fact that bamboo socks are ideal for sweaty feet or even that bamboo can be used for producing socks. Even though the bamboo plant itself is rough and inflexible, bamboo fibers are really soft and stretchable. But to become suitable for use in clothes production, the bamboo goes through several procedures.

Through six various difficult stages, bamboo is transformed into yarn, from which socks, sheets, and other things are knitted.

Socks made of bamboo material are suitable for sweating feet since the material is very absorbent. Each bamboo fiber works like a sponge and takes water inside of itself, so it doesn’t become damp for a long time. Bamboo fabric offers good thermal regulation for your feet as well.

At this point, bamboo socks are close to merino wool socks since they keep warm in cold temperatures while make feet stay cool when the weather is warm or even hot.

Bamboo fiber is also very light and garments made of this material are really weightless.

Antimicrobial and antifungal qualities also make the bamboo material famous. Bamboo socks are said to be very soft and comfortable. Another good point is that bamboo is rather cheap, so bamboo socks usually cost less than any other type of moisture-wicking socks.

For some people, it may also make sense that socks made of 100% bamboo are ecologically friendly, which is also important nowadays.

The best bamboo socks for stinky feet include:

BambuuHome Premium Bamboo Socks

best moisture wicking socks

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These socks are made of 100% bamboo fibers, and their contents make them water- and smell-resistant. They are ideal for use in intense activities as well in your everyday life.

SERISIMPLE Bamboo Low-Cut Crew Sock

best moisture wicking socks

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These socks are a mixture of 80% bamboo and cotton. They are very soft and still keep their shape well. Another good point is that they can be washed in the washing machine. Their low cut will be enjoyed for those who don’t like their socks to be seen.

No Show Bamboo Workout Socks

best moisture wicking socks

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These socks are suitable for men, women, and children as well. They are really soft and extremely comfortable. Their cushioned sole gives good support for your feet, while the antimicrobial features combat bacteria and the odor produced by them.

Metal Fiber Socks

It is even more unusual than bamboo fiber, but up-to-date technologies let us combine metal with fibers. When having metal in its blend the material becomes very endurable and still stays soft. Such material can be mixed with ordinary materials in order to obtain some qualities for which metals are responsible.

But it’s important to make a specific blend, otherwise, if there are too much metal is used, socks can be scratchy and uncomfortable and even cause some unpleasant consequences.

The most important feature of metal fiber socks is their antibacterial qualities. Metals work against bacteria and keep your feet away from any odor produced by sweating limbs. Metal ions also wick moisture away from the skin since they attract polar water molecules.

How To Choose Best Moisture Wicking Socks - Top 5

In the material for socks, there are most commonly used silver, titanium, and copper. Some older boots had copper insoles that had a similar function. Copper threads in your garments are also helpful to your skin since they rejuvenate collagen.

The latest technologies have allowed us to use silver nanoparticles in the production of fabrics to combat odor. Silver is widely known as antimicrobial metal, and even some ancient peoples used silver to keep their food safe. Silver also attracts water well, which helps the feet to stay dry.

We would recommend you to stay away from the socks which are stated to be made of several metals since you won’t guess how your skin will react to such a mixture.

The best metal wicking socks include the following ones:

Balega Silver Antimicrobial Running Socks

best moisture wicking socks

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Silver ions in their fabric work well against the odor of sweating feet. They also keep dryness very well.

Iseasoo Copper Compression Sock

best moisture wicking socks

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Copper has antibacterial properties and fight with fungi and bacteria while these socks keep your feet dry. Copper also improves blood circulation due to its electrical qualities.

VIDEO: Best Moisture wicking socks

Watch this video and find out about the top 5 socks that wick moisture.

What Else You Can Think About To Combat Sweating

While choosing your perfect sweat-wicking socks is essential for solving your problem, you shouldn’t forget about regular hygiene. Please, remember the following:

  • You have to change your socks on a daily basis in order to avoid breeding bacteria. It will be helpful if you take some extra pairs of socks with you;
  • You can find some foot powders having sweat-lessening function;
  • Your socks should be washed with hot water since it fights bacteria and sterilizes the fabric. However, remember that polyester socks should be air dried;

How To Choose Best Moisture Wicking Socks - Top 5

  • Sometimes it will help to put on two pairs of socks at one time;
  • Your shoes should be breathable and not very stiff, otherwise, your feet will sweat more;
  • Change your shoes from day to day, don’t wear one pair for several days in a row;
  • If you have a chance, take your shoes off to dry them and your socks out;
  • You should often wash the insoles of your shoes and boots in order to keep them more durable;
  • While wearing boots for a long time trying to store them upside down to prevent moisture from coming into the footbed and midsole;
  • If nothing listed above helps and your feet still keep sweating, do not hesitate to visit a podiatrist, who can prescribe antiperspirants, some specific manipulations, and even botox injections in some worst cases.


All in all, the perfect socks for stinky feet have to be moisture wicking to maintain dryness and have to obtain antibacterial properties. If your feet sweat immensely, keep away from cotton and standard polyester garments since they don’t suit sweaty feet.

How To Choose Best Moisture Wicking Socks - Top 5


In the end, we would like to mention that you should choose your socks according to your special needs. We just hope that this review will give a helping hand in your fight with sweat, odor, and bacteria.

To recap, the best socks for smelly feet combine both strong moisture wicking to keep feet dry and antimicrobial properties to prevent foot odor. If you have excessively sweaty feet, it is recommended to stay away from cotton and common polyester socks as both do a poor job of keeping the feet dry.

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