The Best Bamboo Socks Review [2021]

Why Do We Wear Socks?

Everyone has this element of clothes in the wardrobe. Socks – our all, especially best bamboo socks. Not to mention, socks are adorable and necessary garments. They are absolutely loved by both men and women. Men can’t wear tights as women do, they wear socks. Socks are initially produced from cotton but today cotton is replaced by bamboo.

Bamboo helps clean the air we breathe. Bamboo grass absorbs five times more CO2 from the air than the equivalent amount of hardwood trees. Not only that, two-thirds of the carbon is stored in the soil and root system which – unlike trees and cotton – isn’t dug up when the bamboo is harvested so the carbon stays in the ground. Bamboo also releases 35% more oxygen than its hardwood tree equivalent.

The Best Bamboo Socks — Amazing Review 2021

Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool – a softer and more luxurious feel.

Bamboo fabric is eco-friendly, super soft, kind to human skin, has temperature control and more other admiration words. Let’s go closer to this exact piece of clothes – BAM socks.

The List Of Highly-Recommended And Popular Types Of Socks:

Below we cover an amazing review of the most precious, selected from the point of view of ecology and vegans products. Here you will find detailed characteristics of socks, models, quality of performance, design, size range and much more. Meet the most famous brands that produce bamboo socks.

We will present interesting facts about bamboo socks, their features and why bamboo deserves special attention from the buyer. We created this guide to explain why bamboo socks are so awesome and give you recommendations on which ones are best depending on what you will use them for.

The Best Bamboo Socks — Amazing Review 2021

Follow the represented selection and review of the 12 best types of bamboo socks:

Top Brand Of Bamboo Socks: Anatolian

Fine Bamboo Low Cut Socks: Unisex low cut socks

Amazingly Soft Bamboo Ankle Socks: Cariloha

Best Bamboo Cushioned Ankle Socks:

+ MD super soft towel-feeling cushioned 6 pack ankle socks

Best Bamboo Socks Of Comfortable Fabric: Hugh Ugoli Womans Bamboo Dress Socks

Best Crew Bamboo Socks: Yomandor Women’s Bamboo Diabetic Crew Sock

Fully Invisible Bamboo Socks: ZeroSock Bamboo Super Low Invisible Socks

Best Bamboo Socks For Running: Athletic Coolmax Socks

Amazingly Patterned Bamboo Socks For Men: Avocado print

Best Unisex Bamboo Socks: Elephant Print

Wonderful Bamboo Socks for Women: Ladybird ankle socks

Best Gift For a Man – Bamboo Socks: Three Ol’Bamboo Men’s Socks

Best Bamboo Socks For Any Girlfriend: Monogram Bamboo Ankle Socks

Best Bamboo Socks For Men: Multicolored Bamboo Socks for Men

What Is The Perfectness Of Bamboo Socks In?

Bamboo socks are awesome! Antibacterial and absorbing moisture eco-friendly, the hypo-allergenic fabric is beneficial and smart.

The Best Bamboo Socks — Amazing Review 2021

Fully breathable with odor-eliminating structure material is unique and sophisticated.

Get to know all about bamboo fiber more interesting facts, visit the related blog Bamboo Material.

Find Top Bamboo Socks

Why Bamboo Is So Popular And Loved?

Grown without pesticides, bamboo became the perfect fabric base. The unique bamboo material has antibacterial properties with a resistance to different odors. These characteristics of fabric are a must for socks!

Anatolian Patterned Socks

best bamboo socks

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Excellent unisex bamboo socks, made in a wide variety of styles and colors. Super softness and comfortable wearing are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The delicate fiber needs delicate washing. Follow the washing instruction and you may maintain wonderful fluffy softness without fabric shrinkage.

+MD 6 Pack Cushioned Ankle Socks

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For the ultimate athletes, requiring absorbent gym/running socks, 6 packs of ankle socks is an incredible choice. The socks are ideal for sport, protecting from the effect of wet socks inside your trainers.

Unisex Low Cut Socks

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Universal set of bamboo low-cut socks, perfectly suitable for your eco-snickers while you are in sport. Their premium softness is helping in reducing blisters while their wear resistance is recommended by the Ironman athletes. European design and manufacturing are proved with Denmark’s distinctive emblem on the backside.

Hugh Ugoli Womans Bamboo Dress Socks

best bamboo socks

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Stay practical and be sure that this high-quality brand of bamboo socks will not disappoint you. The quality is reflected in the incredible practicality of the socks when the fabric in the toes and heels zones is extremely resistant and long-lasting wear is guaranteed. 3 pairs in one set are the optimal quantity with wonderful quality.

Yomandor Women’s Bamboo Diabetic Crew Socks

best bamboo socks

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Specially manufactured for people with diabetes and other diseases, these socks are seamless and strikingly comfortable. The socks have the property of not squeezing blood vessels and provide a sense of lightness. The fabric composition of the socks is a clever combination of 80% bamboo and 30% elastane.

ZeroSock Bamboo Super Low Invisible Socks

best bamboo socks

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Wearing shoes without socks is not always comfortable, but sometimes the visibility of the sock is not quite appropriate. For this purpose, ZeroSock Super Low and Invisible Socks were created. The best ventilation is provided by the built-in mesh at the toe of the sock. Available in sets of 4 pairs each, which provides excellent value for money.

Athletic Coolmax Socks

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Socks created for sports, with a slight touch of fun and contrast, provide a great mood at first glance. Funny drawing made in different colors does not leave anyone indifferent. Mostly designed for athletes, where heel and toe zones are reinforced to maximize comfort and reduce friction. The ultra-lightweight Ankle Running Socks will keep your feet cool and comfortable during hard long training.

Vegan My Style Blue Avocado

best bamboo socks

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The manufacturer Doris & Dude represents an eco-friendly blend of sustainable bamboo viscose, organic cotton and recycled polyester. The name of the blue avocado color immediately indicates the cheerful nature of the product. Their super softness, fun style and incredible functionality make these socks a must in every wardrobe.

Vegan My Style Teal Elephant

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Another new product from the company Doris & Dude with a fun colored elephant print will not leave indifferent fans of this brand.

These funny socks will be a great gift, providing a good mood and practicality. Socks with a variety of prints depicting animals, fruits and vegetables can be presented as a fun and useful gift for any age, friend or sex.

Vegan My Style Ankle Blue Ladybird

best bamboo socks

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Funny butterflies, another novelty, from Doris & Dude, but with a low ankle. Great fun prints in addition to sporty summer sneakers will be very useful. As usual, the reinforced toe and heel areas are highlighted in different colors and create a magical summer mood. Choose one of the prints from Doris & Dude.

Three Ol’Bamboo Men’s Socks

best bamboo socks

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The That Socks brand produces a range of exclusively bamboo eco socks, with prints inspired by the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang dance. In a practical package, you will find 3 pairs of socks at once. Each pair has its own unusual pattern, as well as exceptional resistance to smell.

Monogram Bamboo Ankle Socks

best bamboo socks

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The LETTEROOM brand always pleases the fair sex, as well as children and teenagers with its delicious socks. Each pair of socks is different from the other, and you will definitely never be confused about whose socks they are.

Do not forget about bamboo, as the basis of the material and incredible wear resistance. The socks come in a cute gift bag specially designed for a nice gift or to treat yourself to an amazing purchase. Socks have a size range of 4-6.

Colourful Bamboo Socks For Men and Women

best bamboo socks

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When the stripe is always a classic, it is the color stripe of these socks that is nothing but a new classic invention of designers. Unsurpassed Turkish quality, exceptional softness and ultra thinness make customers reconsider their habits in relation to socks.

They are delivered in a practical package of 4 pairs of socks in a set. The daily choice of a funny strip or a great gift is up to you.

VIDEO: Best Bamboo Socks For Men Top 10

If you are looking for Bamboo Socks for men then this video is for you.

Why Should You Choose Bamboo Socks?

First, bamboo socks have special characteristics of softness and comfort, and their environmental friendliness is always appreciated by vegans.
The anti-allergenic composition eliminates the possibility of any signs of an allergic reaction.

The Best Bamboo Socks — Amazing Review 2021

Antibacterial properties, exceptional breathability, moisture absorption and unpleasant odors allow bamboo socks to lead the list of such essential everyday goods.

Are Bamboo Socks Hard Wearing Or Soft?

Bamboo by its natural characteristics turns into a fairly soft material and therefore bamboo socks are much smoother and more comfortable to the touch than ordinary cotton ones. Bamboo socks absorb moisture more intensely and retain odors. Despite their softness, bamboo socks are highly wear-resistant.

Do Bamboo Socks Last Longer?

Bamboo socks are quite strong, so they are very popular with athletes, especially runners. Separate reinforced parts of the sock and a specially lowered ankle create a feeling of incredible comfort when moving strongly in a sneaker.

The Best Bamboo Socks — Amazing Review 2021

Do Bamboo Socks Keep Your Feet Cool?

Bamboo is a special natural breathable material that allows the fabric to be ventilated in summer or vice versa to create an air cushion in winter.

Our Top 5 Brands Of Bamboo Socks:

  • Cariloha
  • Bams
  • Silky Toes
  • Memoi
  • Hoerev

This is just a shortlist of brands that produce amazing bamboo socks and other related products.

Do Bamboo Socks Shrink?

Delicate washing in the washing machine will allow your socks to practically not change their shape or cause slight shrinkage.

Are Bamboo Socks Perfect For Walking?

Bamboo socks are ideal for athletes, not to mention the use for ordinary walks. So it’s the best socks for walking Socks have unsurpassed absorption, comfort, and wear resistance.

The Best Bamboo Socks — Amazing Review 2021

Comfort while walking is of the utmost importance to ensure you can walk the extra mile, and with bamboo walking socks you can do just that.

Terry knit throughout the sock for added softness with ribbed elasticated support at the opening, bottom of the leg, and around the top of the foot. This is to ensure your socks stay put in your walking boots or wellies.

Why Are The Bamboo Socks Vegan?

The fabric created for the production of the presented brands is made of bamboo, cotton, and vegetable fibers. The production process is completely eco-friendly. Vegans and vegetarians can be sure of a 100% natural and cruelty-free product.

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