PRO Compression Socks Review

What is PRO Compression?

pro compression socks review

PRO Compression stands for a modern United States company producing high-quality compression socks. The brand provides fashionable compression socks for men as well as women, who seek some additional support during any kind of every day or intensive activities and afterward.

This PRO Compression socks review will discover whether PRO Compression socks should or shouldn’t come to your wardrobe. We are going to describe people who can use them, the aim of their usage, as well as the possible options offered by the brand and their price in order to give you the fullest information you may use for your purchase. We hope that after our review you will manage to make a decision concerning what compression socks you would like to buy.

General Information about PRO Compression

pro compression socks review

The brand’s work covers the support of your legs in any time and place conditions you are in. Compression socks could be very helpful for active people who enjoy jogging, hiking, some workouts, moreover, they offer support on a daily basis. The mission of the company is to offer assistance and improve blood circulation to your legs so you could feel more convenient and assured during any of your activities. In addition to this, PRO Compression socks are designed also to help your legs to recover after long walks or workouts. In other words, PRO Compression socks are multifunctional and handy during workouts, after them, and in everyday life.

The company provides a wide variety of lengths, colors, and designs, which makes sure that any person can choose their perfect compression socks. Actually, we may say that compression socks look rather stylish with other workout garments, so the company’s customers may enjoy their appearance even during sports activities. Pro Compression socks are developed and produced in the USA, which is rather seldom nowadays.

What makes the brand different from any opponents is its unique technology combined with the diversity of PRO Compression socks. The special technology was designed by PRO Compression in order to cope with such problems as muscle discomfort and exhaustion. They work during the activity session as well as the recovery period, so become rather useful for all sportspeople.

To implement this idea, you need enough pressure on every necessary spot to raise the speed of the blood flow to the places that demand it most. PRO Compression’s Graduated Compression Technology creates the biggest compression at the ankle, which becomes less towards the highest part of the socks. This construction provides blood flow moving upwards for increasing the body’s natural healing process and renovating disrupted soft tissue. This feature is supplemented by toe and heel support, which makes them comfortable in use. For those who need compression socks to use in rather low temperatures, PRO Compression offers several models in wool or in a wool and synthetic materials blend.

The following information in our PRO Compression socks review will describe several products of the brand and help you to decide whether you need or don’t need compression socks on a regular basis. But before this description, you should look through the pros and cons of PRO Compression socks to develop your own unbiased opinion.


 pro compression socks review

  • Perfect for those people who walk long distances and take part in high-intensity activities and workouts during them and afterward;
  • Helpful after sports activities and preventing any pain the following day;
  • May be used as a daily garment and fight with poor bloodstream, intumescence, varicose veins, or muscle morbidity;
  • PRO Compression socks come in different options such as knee-high, mid-calf, low ankle, and calf ones;
  • Compression arm sleeves are also available for purchasing;
  • Developed and produced in the United States;
  • The socks are made of blended nylon and poly materials;
  • Some models are provided in wool to deal with cold temperatures;
  • Trustworthy and highly resistant;
  • The pair of socks can be returned if you have any complaints.


 pro compression socks review

  • The cost of one pair can be up to $50, so a usual customer can find it difficult to use them on a regular basis;
  • Even though there is a wide range of patterns and colors, they don’t often look up-to-date;
  • There are 3 unisex sizes (XS, S/M and L/XL), however, they are not produced specifically for women and men;
  • Only the Trainer Low Ankle Compression socks are sold as a pack of 2;
  • You can buy PRO Compression socks only online, so you don’t have an opportunity to touch and try them before buying.

PRO Compression Marathon Socks Review

The PRO Compression Knee High Socks were designed for women and have a diversity of patterns and designs, however, during the preparation of our PRO Compression socks review, we have noticed that the same socks are offered for men as “over the calf” ones. The price of these socks varies between $40 and $55 per pair. Below there are listed their two categories:

  1. The Marathon Sock is a standard model of the brand, the aim of which is to boost blood circulation in your legs and offer support. The model is also produced of wool and is perfectly suitable for winter activities such as skiing, skating, and snowboarding or any other type. The standard price for a pair is $50.
  2. The Marathon Elite Sock is very similar to the previous model, but has some extra calf support and strengthened padding on the toe and heel. The cost doesn’t differ much and is $55, so if you are ready to spend your money on the Marathon Sock, you can also consider buying this model instead of the previous one.

PRO Compression Mid Calf Socks Review

When we look at PRO Compression Mid Calf Socks, we still can’t guess why PRO Compression divided their socks into men’s and women’s while they have the same sizes and color options. So we may say that even if you choose a pair designed for another sex, it won’t be noticeable. This particular model is ideally suitable for those people who don’t want to buy a pair of knee-high compression socks.

In the development of this model, there was used the same graduated pressure technology presented in most PRO Compression models, but here the customer faces some additional room for air to flow up the lower parts of your legs. The usual price for such socks is $25, for which you can choose between standard black, powder blue, multicolor stripe, or neon yellow ones. If you want more warmth, you may choose this pair in wool, so you will be able to withstand any cold.

PRO Compression Low Ankle Socks Review

This type of compression socks is advisable for people who would like to concentrate on the toe and heel support more but don’t care about calf support. The model comes in two categories: PC Runner and Trainer Low. Both types are made of nylon, spandex, and soft poly mixture. This makes really them really comfortable.

The PC Runner model provides directed cushioning for the toe and heel, which makes them perfect for such intense sports activities as hiking or jogging. The socks are not sold in a pack of two and have the price of $17 per pair.

The Trainer Low model suits for daily wear. They are particularly designed for leisurely activities and are the only model sold in a 2-pack version. The Trainer Low also offers the No Show Low style design, which is not seen when wearing shoes. The price of the 2-pack option is $25.

PRO Compression Calf Sleeves Review

PRO Compression also pleases its customers with the line of calf sleeves for those who don’t need the total foot support. If you want to concentrate on improving blood circulation in your calves and preventing swelling in this particular part of the body, this option will be perfect. They also can be used when you need cotton socks on your feet during some summer activities, but some compression on your calves is necessary.

While investigating all materials for this PRO Compression socks review, we have learned that this model has all the advantages of Knee High Marathon socks except the toe and heel support. The antibacterial technical fabric, the socks material, offers moisture and odor resistance. This feature is useful for athletes as well as any other people who use them during their outdoor activities.

The usual cost of the calf sleeves is $45, and you may choose from a wide range of neon bright colors with dots or stripe, or the plain ones if you want something more simple.

PRO Compression Socks Review: The Opinion Of The Customers

 pro compression socks review

We see that most reviews of the PRO Compression socks are approving. The buyers of these products enjoy and profit from them. In spite of a rather high price, many customers believe that these socks are completely relevant for daily use, especially the Trainer Low model.

Our PRO Compression socks review has found out that the most favorable model is the Marathon Elite Knee High since its users are excited about their support when they have to walk or just stay on their foot for the whole day. PRO Compression socks lessen or even eliminate leg spasms as their buyers have noticed. Moreover, the additional toe and heel padding such as in the Marathon Elite Knee High socks is a good extra. Joggers particularly enjoy this model since it gives amazing support for legs during and after running.

As it was also stated by the PRO Compression customers, the only weakness that they had to face was that sometimes it was tough enough to choose their size right for the first time in spite of looking through the measurements presented on the company’s web page.

Pro Compression Sizes

pro compression socks review

Although the size instruction on every model has options for both men and women, the garments are only offered in three unisex sizes. So we can make a conclusion as there is practically no difference between the two sexes’ sizing.

As for the Knee High model and the Calf Sleeves, these two models have extra measurements for the calves, which are not needed for another model without the calf part.

Here you can see the scheme of the sizes correspondence:

Women5 to 88 to 1011 to 14
Men5 to 78 to 1011 to 13

PRO Compression Offers and Codes

pro compression socks review

Since the company seriously cares about its customers, there are a lot of handful deals to provide. Here we have found some of the promotion codes while investigating the website:

  • 3PLUS will work if you want to buy a 5-pack of compression socks. Then you will pay for two pairs and get three others free;
  • FB95 gives a marvelous discount of $155 for buying 5 pairs of the Marathon socks. For them you’ll have to pay just $95;
  • 3PAIRS will change the price of 3 pairs of Marathon socks to $60;
  • 50VIP offers a discount of 50% for any design of Marathon socks;
  • RER will make a total discount of 40% for your whole order;
  • CANDY45 throws away 45% of the price when you choose Marathon Candy Hearts model.

We would recommend you to look through the website before buying your socks because PRO Compression offers various discounts every week. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the socks, just wait for a perfect moment to buy them!

Frequently Asked Questions

pro compression socks review

Are They Comfortable Enough?

You shouldn’t worry: compression socks are really tight when you put them on, but they don’t hurt and appear to be convenient enough. They provide good support during intense workouts and afterward.

Where We Can Buy PRO Compression Socks?

There aren’t shops selling the production of PRO Compression. The place of the main office is said to be the following: 3226 Grey Hawk Court, Carlsbad, California 92010, United States. If you want a pack of PRO Compression socks, you may choose and purchase them through their website, and in online stores. Moreover, we’ve seen the socks available for purchase on the website of America’s Medical Superstore.

Delivery Options

The company provides non-paid delivery for orders that cost $99 or more in the USA as well as all over the world.

Below you can see the main options for delivery offered by the company. Remember that the delivery term is defined by a destination point.

  • Standard Shipping takes from three to seven days;
  • USPS Priority Mail delivers for up to three days;
  • FedEx Standard Overnight delivery takes one business day.

International delivery is performed by DHL with its own delivery ranges:

  • Standard International delivers for from one to three weeks;
  • Express International delivery takes up to three days.

If You Want To Return Your Purchase

  • Any model of PRO Compression products can be sent to the company back;
  • If you want to return your pair, you shouldn’t wear them, put them into their initial wrapping, and add all the labels to it;
  • You have to return the socks in 60 days from the purchase. Also you should remember that you will lose $5 restock fee and the cost of shipping;
  • If you want to exchange them for another size, you will have to pay only the cost of return delivery.
  • How To Contact PRO Compression

If you have read our PRO Compression socks review, become excited and want to make a purchase, you may contact the company through the chat on their website and Facebook messenger, where you will receive a reply to your question in a rather short period of time.

Here are other ways to communicate with PRO Compression:

  • The online contact form on the website:;
  • Facebook:;
  • Email: [email protected]


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