How To Make Thigh High Socks Stay Up And Other Advice

A lot of hosiery users can wonder why their high socks and other things don’t stay where they are supposed to be. Therefore, making a choice among the hosiery available on the market can be challenging since you need to make sure whether the bought socks will stay up.

Another question a lot of people often ask is how to make thigh high socks stay up. In fact, the question is common for any type of high hosiery. Since most types of stockings aren’t used with a special garter belt holding them up, they can cause some problems falling or rolling down or even digging into your skin.

We have decided to cover the most important features concerning different kinds of hosiery and how to make it possible that it stays where it should be. We hope that you will be able to find a method which will be perfectly suitable for you and your hosiery, and you will enjoy wearing your favourite stockings.

Hold-ups, Stay-ups And Thigh Highs: The Main Difference

thigh high socks

Stay-ups, hold-ups and thigh highs happen to be rather similar elements of hosiery, but they are still different and don’t describe the same item. As you can see from their names, they are supposed to stay up without any additional features. The thing which is common is that they don’t cover entire legs, bottom and hips, which is a feature of pantyhose, tights or leggings.

If we speak of thigh highs and hold-ups, they usually describe stockings staying up due to the elastic in its contents. At the same time stay-ups and hold-ups are particularly widely used in the United Kingdom and in European countries. The term thigh highs is spread all over the United States.

If we speak again about hold-ups and stay-ups are supplied with a silicone or elastic band on the top which holds them higher than your mid-thigh. They are designed in a way to avoid using a special garter belt to hold them.

They can also be called stockings, but we should always take into account that this term is usually used to describe stockings which require a suspender belt (in Europe), or a garter belt (in the US).

Problems Hosiery Can Cause

thigh high socks

Everyone knows that socks and tights aren’t always convenient in use and can cause some malfunctions. For instance, high hosiery can fall right to your ankles at the most inconvenient time or can rip ten minutes after putting them on. As for socks, there are also such problems as too big socks, or there happens to appear too much movement and friction between your shoes and socks, or you have chosen the socks the design or material of which isn’t suitable for your purposes and activities. Therefore, a lot of people search for ideas on how to keep high socks in their place.

Actually, apart from falling down, thigh high socks and other hosiery can roll down to your knee or dig into your skin. This can happen since the design of hosiery is usually standard, while people are different in their sizes and shapes, so the thighs which are perfect for one person, can be horrible for someone else. Another reason is that your legs can get sweaty, wet and slippery, so that your thigh highs will just slip down.

We have decided to make a list of the products which will be perfect for keeping your thigh highs where you want them to be. And, of course, we aren’t going to mention inconvenient tools or constructions such as holding belts since they can pose a problem themselves.

Below you will see the most common solutions.

SPANX Topless Trouser Socks


SPANX is widely used in different products where we need to keep things in their place. SPANX has become so popular that it is now used in many products, for instance, in sports outfits. In fact, specific clothes which contain SPANX are believed to be the best of its kind in the world. The company has decided to develop their own hosiery. The users of these garments can be sure that their socks will stay up without causing any troubles.

Yofi Stick It Body Adhesive

Yofi Stick

This is a specially designed feature which will hold any item of your wardrobe in its place. It can be applied to your thigh highs as well, so when you are going out, this item will be perfectly suitable. You shouldn’t worry that you will stick your stockings to your legs forever since this adhesive is not like a glue but is really helpful for holding stay ups in their place. And it’s easily washable by simple war, water.

Fogal’s Chouchou Hold Ups


If you aren’t sure which thigh highs to buy so that you won’t take care of how to keep them where needed, you should try this brand. They are practically designed to stay up for hours of active use. They may seem rather expensive, but they are completely worth their price. In fact, its users leave amazing reviews, where they mention that their pairs of these hold ups serve them for months and even years without being damaged or worn out.

Victoria’s Secret Satin Top Sheer Thigh Highs

Victoria’s Secret Satin Top Sheer Thigh Highs

If you are looking for a less expensive pair of thigh high socks, try this model. They are supplied with a particularly wide band, so they are very convenient in use and have less possibilities of falling down. Besides, the price is really nice, while the design of Victoria’s Secret models is usually considered to be one of the most elegant and stylish. So buying this model of thigh high socks you will be sure that you will look classy for several hours.

Hollywood Fashion Tape

Hollywood Fashion Tape

Like Yofi Stick It Body Adhesive, this item is developed to hold any elements of your wardrobe right where you need them to be. Actually, this tape is sold in a wide range of shops and supermarkets, so you won’t have any problems with purchasing it.

In fact, this tape is very popular among star stylists and celebrities since they usually need to keep some elements of their extraordinary clothes when they are going out, that’s why the producers of such a tape have decided to give it such a name.

Johnson’s Baby Powder

Johnson’s Baby Powder

One of the reasons why your thigh highs can fall down is that your legs get wet and slippy. The solution to this problem is rather simple and is sold in many stores. You just can make your skin dry enough by applying the baby powder. In fact, it can be of any widely spread brand, but one of the most common is Johnson’s Baby.

Useful Information: How to Make Thigh High Socks Stay Up

In this video you will learn the best 3 tricks to keep your thigh highs up so they never fall down again!

Frequently Asked Questions


Below we would like to cover several questions which frequently arise when we discuss thigh high socks, hold-ups and stay-ups slipping down. Although we have covered most of them in the article, we would like to mention them shortly in order to remind you of the main features of the article.

How do you keep your stockings up?


Since the word stockings refers to all the kinds of hosiery, the range of options on how to keep them up is rather wide. First of all, no one should exclude using garter belts to keep stockings up. If you want to avoid using a special belt, you can try several features. For instance, you can find a pair of stockings which are famous for their qualities and their ability to hold right where they are supposed to be.

Moreover, if you don’t want to purchase a new pair but you wish to hold up the ones that you already have, there are such useful feature as a special adhesive, a tape particularly designed for holding the elements of your clothes or just simple baby powder.

Why do my thigh high socks roll down?


There are several reasons why your thigh high socks roll down. First of all, they can just wear out, so their belt on the top doesn’t hold them. In addition to this, you could have mistaken the size of the socks when you bought them. Even if they are just a bit bigger or smaller than you need, they won’t hold up and will roll down. Moreover, your legs could have come too slippery causing the thigh high socks to fall down.

Why don’t my stockings stay up?

thigh high socks

As for this question, this is close to the previous one, so you can check the answers above. Besides, we should again think about the term itself – since stockings also refer to hosiery which doesn’t have elastic to hold up, we can think that stockings won’t stay up because the garter belt and its elements are worn out and are not further able to perform their functions.

Do thigh highs stay up?

woman in stockings

Well, it depends on many factors. First of all, how they stay up is defined by the material they are made of and the overall quality. Moreover, the quality of elastic or silicone used on tops of thigh high socks to hold them up also plays an important role. Besides, thigh highs will stay up in most cases when they are chosen correctly according to your size. And, of course, if you face any problems wearing a pair of thigh highs, you can try and implement any feature mentioned above.

In Closing


So, you can see that, in fact, women’s hosiery can be very challenging to wear. It often tries to fall down, roll down to the knees or just dig into your skin and cause inconvenience.

Of course, when you use a special garter belt, it holds your garments very well, but it is still an additional construction, and in many cases women want to avoid them. Therefore, many hosiery users try to find solutions on how to make thigh high socks stay up without complicated constructions.

First of all, you can find a pair of stockings produced by some well-known brand, which are famous for their ability to stay where they are supposed to be. Besides, if you need to glue your pair of thigh highs to your legs, you can use a special adhesive or a tape which are developed specially for keeping the elements of your clothes in their place. In addition to this, a wonderful idea is to use baby powder to make your legs dry so that your hosiery won’t slip down.

We hope that this article will be really helpful and you will enjoy wearing any kind of stockings you wish without any issues which will hurt your convenience!

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