How To Make Leg Warmers From Socks Or Knit Them Yourself

Leg warmers happen to be not only a weird accessory from the past, they can actually look really stylish and fun and yet help you stay in warmth when it’s becoming cold inside or outdoors. Of course, you can search for your perfect pair of leg warmers in a nearby shop or department store or even online, but if you enjoy working with your hands, you can make the pair of leg warmers yourself. So in this article, you will learn how to make leg warmers from socks.

If you don’t have much time, you can use an old sweater, a pair of socks or leggings as a starting material to make your own warmers. If you have some spare time, you are free to knit leg warmers with any yarn you wish and a special round loom.

The First Method: Applying Sweater Sleeves, Socks Or Leggings

how to make leg warmers from socks

First of all, let’s discuss how you can make your leg warmers out of clothes which you don’t use anymore. Below you will see the list of materials you will need in this process:

  • One pair of long socks, leggings, or a sweater. The best idea to use the ones which are made of a stretchy material;
  • Fabric scissors, or  any other sharp scissors if you don’t have the special ones;
  • A tape measure;
  • A needle and thread or a sewing machine;
  • An elastic band can also be used in some projects.

Cutting The Length

leg warmers

First of all, you need to cut the material so that it can fit your lower parts of legs. For this, you need to take a tape measure and make a decision how high your leg warmers should go and then jot down the needed measurement. After that you need to drape your tape measure over your socks or leggings putting the end of your tape to the top of the fabric.
When you have set the needed measurement, you should cut the material along the exact point using special fabric scissors if you own them.

The thing which you need to keep in mind is that you should try and make as straight cut as possible so that it will be easier to assemble the leg warmers. Moreover, you can use the sleeves of your old sweater instead of socks or even some old leggings will be suitable if you cut off the leg sections which are not needed.

Snipping Away The Toe And Heel Sections

leg warmer

For this procedure you don’t need any additional measurements – you can see the needed sizes with your eyes. You just need to define the heel portion of your sock and use the scissors to cut it off. The same thing should be done with the toe part – it’s usually advisable to cut about 1 inch, or 2.5 cm.
The fact you should keep in mind is that the only part of your sock you will need is the foot section. You won’t require any other sections, so you can use them in other projects or toss them out.

Turning The Fabric Into A Cuff

sewing machine

The next thing you need to do is to tuck and fold the section you have in half to make a shape of a cuff, which is designed to go along the bottom of the future leg warmer. The cuff should be slided over the bottom, and then the edge of the makeshift leg warmer is also to be cut.

You can use a needle and thread or a sewing machine if you own one to sew the cuff in its place. The same procedure should be done with the second leg warmer. Here are some useful tips concerning this step of the scheme:

  • If you want to make your stitching job more seamless, you can apply a “serger” machine;
  • If you are making warmers from sweater sleeves, you can just fold and hem the cut edge of your sweater so that it can get smooth;
  • If your starting material is a pair of leggings, you are advised to slide a circular elastic band right under the top cut edge of the leggings. Then you have to fold the other part of the fabric over the band and stitch it to make your leg warmers stay up around your thigh or knee depending on their height.

Put On And Enjoy


All that is left to do is to put on your leg warmers and adjust their material up to the moment they become comfortable. You can play with their position, for instance, stretch them to cover most of your legs or create a slouchy look by scrunching up the material. Just choose your style and enjoy!

How To Make Leg Warmers From Socks

Knitting Leg Warmers Yourself


From the first view it may seem rather challenging, but it’s rather easy if you know what to do. Below we would like to cover how you can knit your leg warmers yourself.

And here is the list of the required instruments and materials:

  • 3 skeins of yarn are needed for a standard, but the final quantity depends on yarn itself and on the necessary length;
  • A 31-peg loom;
  • A loom hook;
  • A tape measure.

Forming A Slip Knot

needle and thread

To start the knitting process, you have to create a slip knot with the end a yarn skein. Then you need to find an anchor peg, or a peg which sticks out when you look along the side of the loom. You should loop the slip knot over this peg and then tighten it in order to keep it attached to the loom. What is interesting about this step?
First of all, you should take into account that the anchor peg is designed to create the base rows of leg warmers, so they assist you in starting. In addition to this, when there are several rows on your loom already, you are free to get rid of the knot from the anchor peg.

And here is some advice on materials: if you aren’t sure which loom to purchase, a 31-peg one will be perfectly suitable for knitting leg warmers.

As for yarn, any kind can be used, but some chunky yarn will make your legs feel extremely comfortable.

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Circling The Yarn

After the previous steps you need to circle the yarn around the pegs up to the moment you reach the anchor peg. In order to make your work with the loom easier you need to unwind a bit of yarn from the skein. Then you should loop your yarn clockwise around the vertical peg, which is situated right behind the anchor peg.

You should perform the same looping task with each peg finishing with the original one. By doing this you will create the base of your future leg warmer. Although this step can seem rather challenging especially if you have seen a round loom for the first time. You should just stop and restart if you think that you are going wrong in some place in the process.

Knitting The Base Row


Then you have to form the base row of stitches using yarn and a loom hook. By making one stitch at a time you have to extend the yarn along the front of each peg. Your loom hook should be sticked beneath the bottom yarn loop and dragged up and over the highest section of yarn along the front of your peg. This procedure should be repeated with all the other loops of yarn on the loom, so the first row of stitches will appear.

Forming A Cuff


After making ten rows you need to form a cuff along the lower part of the leg warmer. When you have continued working around the loom and moving it up and over and have done it ten times, you should lift up the bottom row of stitches which sticks out through the bottom of your loom. These loops should be draped over the loom with a loom hook used for knitting a new row.

This step will help to make a cuff along the bottom of the leg warmer. Although this may seem difficult, you just need to focus on lining up the bottom row of loops with the pegs on the loom. If you don’t succeed for the first time, try more. And you should keep in mind that it’s necessary for only one end of leg warmers.

Continuing knitting


After that you just need to knit further. You should repeat the procedure with the help of your yarn skein and a loom hook to create and make your leg warmer longer. You can use a tape measure to see how much has already been done.

The standard length of leg warmers is 14 inches, or 36 cm long. However, you can decide which length you require yourself.

A good idea is to make measurements of your legs in order to decide which parameters of leg warmers will be comfortable for you.

Finishing The Leg Warmer

how to make leg warmers from socks

To do this you will need to cast off the stitches. Firstly you lift up one loop from the loom using a hook and then shift it to the next peg. The bottom loop should be dragged up and over this peg, which will manage to cast off the stitch.

This step should be repeated by transferring and stitching all the left loops. When you have done almost everything and only one loop is left, you should cut off the yarn and slide its loose end through the stitch. This process of closing the last row of loops is known as casting off.

Making A Pair

leg warmer

When you have created your first leg warmer, don’t forget to make the second one to match a couple. So, again, you loom ten rows, create a cuff and continue knitting up to the moment you reach the needed length. As soon as the last row of stitches is cast off, you can start wearing your new leg warmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

sewing machine

Below we would like to cover the questions which are often met in the topic covered above.

How do you make homemade leg warmers?


We have covered in the article above two of the most widely spread options on how to create leg warmers. First of all, if you have an old spare pair of long socks, leggings or an old sweater with decent sleeves, you can use them as a starting material for your leg warmers.

Besides, you can knit them yourself if you have some spare time and materials. We have described how you can knit leg warmers using a peg, but there are more ways to knit your leg warmers with standard knitting instruments.

Can you turn socks into leg warmers?


Yes, it’s possible, and, actually, this way to create leg warmers is very often used. We would like to note that it’s better to choose socks made of stretchy materials so they can stay up if needed and have the needed shape on your legs. Besides, don’t forget that these socks should be long enough so that you can make the leg warmers of the needed size.

What can I use instead of leg warmers?

needle and thread

If you need to keep your legs warm but you don’t have leg warmers, there are also hand warmers which have a similar shape but are put on your arms. Besides, you can use knee high or thigh high socks made of warmer materials, and they will be able to perform the function of leg warmers. Here you can read more how socks are made

How do you make leggers out of leg warmers?


The term “leggers” often refers to knee high compression socks, so we won’t be able to turn ordinary leg warmers into such socks. If we speak of leggers as simple knee high socks, we just need to add the “sock” part to our warmers.

It can be done by knitting this part and attaching it to leg warmers, or knitting this part out of the bottom part of the warmers.

In Closing


Above we have covered two of the most common ways to create leg warmers yourself. If you don’t want to search for an ideal pair somewhere in shops and malls or online, you can make them with your hands. It’s much easier to make them out of old socks, leggings or sleeves of a sweater. However, if you have time and patience, you can knit them yourself.

We hope that this article will be really helpful for you, you have learnt how to make leg warmers from socks and you will enjoy the process of making and wearing your own leg warmers!

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