Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review – What to Choose

Nano Socks Review For Diabetic Neuropathy

Your life can be challenging if you often have to put up with pains in your feet. It seriously affects people suffering from such disorders as diabetes, edema, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, bloodstream issues or just cold feet. These things make walking uncomfortable, as well as can cause pains and affect the skin of your feet.

We can hardly imagine what it is like to think of your every step as the one that will be followed by pain or swelling. Some people stop walking a lot but it doesn’t solve their problem. Herewith we decided to make a nano socks review to help people who are suffering from this problem.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

People who have diabetes face the rise of the blood glucose level, which can lead to foot ulcers and diabetic neuropathy. These patients need some special care for their uncomfortable and sore feet, otherwise, they may face unpleasant consequences.

Another problem with the feet of those who suffer from diabetes is that their skin is in danger, and any infection or fungi may harsh on their lower limbs.

The constant ache seriously spoils your everyday life since you have to adapt your lifestyle to the condition you have. You refuse to take part in the activities you like, you don’t walk, which isn’t helpful for your health, you don’t go out very often and even stop meeting friends.

So it’s essential to organize proper foot care in order to diminish neuropathy and other foot conditions since it will ease your life a lot.

If you have to combat any foot-related condition such as neuropathy or diabetes, we believe that you have tried any available methods to deal with the pain as a person usually won’t stop until they find a solution to their problems.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

Among things that help to combat aches, there are pain-killing pills, vitamins and supplements, muscle relaxants, massages and visits to a podiatrist. Some people search for a solution themselves while others try to receive help from a specialist.

But a thing that is usually forgotten is compression socks – maybe it’s a perfect solution for you. Compression socks work not only for relief and support but they also maintain a qualified level of hygiene.

In our Nano Socks review, we would like to investigate a specific model of compression socks named Nano Socks. The main issue we would like to solve is whether Nano Socks work for nerve pains. We would also like to mention everything we’ve found out about Nano Socks in order to fully inform you about them.

But before we look into this question, we would like you to learn more about compression socks and Nano Socks.

Compression Socks And Nano Socks Review

Compression socks are developed to have several compression areas targeting particular parts of the foot to improve blood circulation, combat pain and accelerate the healing of wounds. The compression socks can be of different sizes, materials and designs; they can have various lengths and therefore work for a wide range of activities.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

The main aim of compression socks is to create several areas of compression on your feet and sometimes even on parts of your legs in order to boost blood circulation and increase the wound healing processes. They are mostly supplied with antibacterial properties helping to keep the feet clean, dry and not smelly.

Nano Socks are special compression socks for people who suffer from diabetes. They also offer support for people fighting with nerve pains and other foot-related issues. In fact, Nano Socks can be used not only by people facing various diseases but also by people who work on their feet a lot or enjoy intense activities and workouts, which can cause some foot pains afterward. They even will be helpful when your legs get tired quickly even after a simple visit to a local shop.

The light and breathable material of Nano Socks prevent the unpleasant smell, which is important in our everyday life. The fabric also has antibacterial qualities to eliminate the growth of fungi and bacteria. Nano Socks demonstrate good water wicking abilities so your feet will stay dry. In other words, Nano Socks perform the hygiene function as well or even better than most types of compression socks.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

Nano Socks are made of the Nano support material which performs the function of foot relief from pains and imbalances caused by diabetic neuropathy and other foot problems. They also offer ankle stabilization and foot fatigue reduction, which is particularly important for people with injuries.

After injuries, our feet usually become less strong and aren’t able to act in the same way as it was before the injury. Nano Socks are designed in a way to develop our lower limbs to reach the same level or even go further.

Nano Socks are a perfect choice for those who enjoy intense activities, but they can also be used on a daily basis since they are comfortable enough and can substitute regular garments. They look similar to ordinary socks and don’t attract too much attention but they perform their functions perfectly.

Before buying Nano Socks you should think of the features of any available socks which affect the comfort of your feet. It’s really underestimated and yet important how a good choice of your socks may affect your activities and everyday life. The main aspects we would like to mention and describe for you in our Nano Socks review are the following:

  • Material

The fabric that socks are made of effects the thickness and weight of the socks. The range of materials from which compression socks are made is outrageous: from wool and merino wool in particular to polyester variations and synthetic blends created especially for active motion.

Moreover, some materials have moisture-wicking qualities while others don’t. Nano Socks have an absorption function and help your feet to stay dry.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

  • Comfort and a suitable fit

Nano compression socks are designed to be tight enough but soft and gentle in order not to cause any pain and to stay on your feet without any sliding.

  • Breathability

The material should be chosen in a way to avoid excessive heat and sweating. It should have breathable fibers to normalize the air movement around the feet and yet be able to keep warmth in cold temperatures and coolness during the heat.

  • Premium arch support

The socks should not just be light and comfortable, they should work for a foot in its motions. When you walk a lot or are active in some kind of sport, you need to know that your feet get enough support and you will be able to go for kilometers or work for hours.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

  • Effective compression

Effective targeted area compression helps to improve oxygenated blood circulation and to increase pain relief.

When we speak about compression in our Nano Socks review, we should remember that there are different compression zones. The zone up to the knee works for boosting circulation and better support for swollen lower limbs. A shorter sleeve offers qualified arch support and ankle swelling.

There have been defined 4 levels of compression according to the amount of pressure put on your feet. The levels are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg).

  1. Level 1 – 14 mmHg or below: this low-level suits for a healthy person and a pregnant woman with fatigued feet;
  2. Level 2 – from 15 to 20 mmHg: Moderate compression helps to relieve local leg inflammation. It will be helpful for those who have deep vein thrombosis because of long sitting;
  3. Level 3 (21-30 mmHg) and Level 4 (more than 30 mmHg): these levels are provided by medical-grade compression socks and deal with any kinds of pain, swelling, edema, blood clotting risks and other issues. This level also comes with graduated compression, which is tighter in the lower part and more relaxed at the top to boost blood circulation. Remember that you should consult on this level of compression with the doctor.
  • Cost

Different types of compression socks have different prices. Before buying you should check what pairs are available for you. In many shops and online shops, you can find temporary discounts or discounts depending on the number of pairs you are buying.

Sometimes, especially when you are sure that these socks will help you, it is cheaper to buy several pairs in a row to use them for a long time.

Top Nano Socks Review For People Suffering From Feet-Related Disorders

Below you can see the list of good options of Nano socks helpful for diabetic neuropathy and other foot-related issues. Remember that we don’t limit your choice with these variations, you may find some other brands according to the points we have listed above.

Nano Socks by GetNanoSocks

nano socks review

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These medical compression socks are designed with open toes to deal with foot pains and aches. One of their functions is to fight with feet tiredness and to work more for the stabilization of the ankle, as well as to improve the bloodstream. In other words, they perform all of the functions which are designed to be implemented in compression socks.

Nano Socks are designed from a gentle and breathable fabric that provides a lot of comfort all day long. They are available in two colors: white and black and are unisex in a range of sizes 3-15. The good point is that the socks are open toe, so even if you make a mistake by one or two sizes, it won’t be critical since they can be adapted to your feet length.


  • Developed with the Compression Zone technology helping to stabilize the ankle and offering additional support;
  • Gentle fit and comfort;
  • Breathable fabric with good compression.
·                    Low price and easy usage

·                    Unisex with a wide range of sizes

·                    Quick delivery in 3-5 business days

·                    You can get a refund for 30 days if you aren’t satisfied

·                    Open toe reduces the risk of getting the wrong size

·                    No information regarding combinations of fibers



IN4 Care Diabetic Socks

nano socks review

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IN4 Care Diabetic Socks are unisex toe socks enriched with copper and made of Lycra, polyester, and copper blend. The fiber is breathable yet antibacterial, which helps to combat the growth of bacteria and unpleasant smells. The copper in the contents increases the process of healing.

The seamless design and a naturalistic color make the socks loved by the customers, especially by those who don’t like bright colors.

The socks are a perfect choice for those who suffer from edema, diabetes, blood circulation issues, neuropathy and other foot problems. They can also be used by ordinary people without serious foot conditions but who have had some injury or those who spend a lot of time on their feet.


  • Provide qualified comfort working for you for long hours;
  • Gentle and breathable light high-qualified stretching fabric, which seems to hug your foot like a good friend and doesn’t slide in an inappropriate moment;
  • The soft-stretch top is designed to meet the size of any customer and to offer comfort for a person with any type of physical shape;
  • Therapeutic functions improving blood circulation, which is approved by many doctors;
  • Extra padding in the sole and toe zones gets rid of the increased tension in these parts of the feet and therefore provides enough relief;
  • Antimicrobial qualities combating the growth of fungi and bacteria as well as copper preventing infections;
  • Hand-linked toe seam which is not seen for extra comfort;
  • A huge variety of available users and occasions: they work well in summer as well as in winter; diabetic patients are the main aim group of the producers but those who spend a lot of time on their feet will also approve the quality, the material and the design of these socks.

Washing Rules

If you want these socks to work more, try not to wash the socks too often in order to save the qualities of copper in their content.

Table of Sizes



·                    Comfort in usage

·                    Easy washing

·                    Are quickly dried

·                    Need washing less often than usual socks

·                    Limited to size 13

·                    Not for frequent washing



Compression Relief – Open Toe Nano Ankle Socks

nano socks review

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These socks are medical compression unisex feet sleeves offering relief for heel and arch ache. Another function is to increase the bloodstream, which fights with foot disorders and improves healing. These socks are also designed to perform the common for compression socks functions.

The socks are made of a gentle, light, and breathable material which is supplemented with additional arch support so that the socks could perform their function of relief for a long time. In other words, even when standing or walking for several hours you will not feel any serious pain in your feet.

The socks are unisex and are presented in 3 sizes.


The compression support of the socks increases the bloodstream in order to lessen the aggregation of lactic acid in muscles and to boost their rehabilitation. Therefore they are suitable for use in intense activities and afterwards as well as in our everyday life.

The several compression areas affect the balls of the foot, plantar fascia, ankles and heels to combat ache and swelling. The additional ribbing arch support offers extra comfort for your lower limbs.

The material is light, breathable and form-fitting, which supplies you with the ability to wear for a long time with comfort. The fabric doesn’t slide, which also adds to comfort in use.

The socks are presented in three colors: white, black and pink.

Size Offer

S-M5.5 to 8.56 to 9
L-XL8 to 139 to 12
XXL13 and more12 and more


·                    Can be washed in the washing machine

·                    You can exchange them or get a refund if dissatisfied within the first 30 days if socks are in new condition and have the initial packaging

·                    No active warranties after the first use

·                    Available only online

·                    You can’t cancel the purchase after placing your order

Helpful Video: Nano socks review

In this video: how the nano socks help with diabetes problems, why they prevent infections and much other useful information.


Every person wants to get rid of any kind of pain in their life. When you have to face such conditions as diabetic neuropathy, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis or any other one, but nothing gives you enough relief, you should definitely resort to compression socks and diabetic socks.

You can buy compression socks or diabetic socks not only because you try to combat any foot condition, but also if you have a standing job or you enjoy walking a lot and perform various kinds of intense activities such as hiking or jogging.

These garments will provide you with the proper assistance since they work for improving blood circulation and relieving your ache. We are sure that for most of you the compression socks will be very useful and after the first days of wearing them, you will be surprised why you haven’t bought them earlier.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

As we believe that you will put these socks on for most of the day in order to get as much relief as you need, you will need Nano Socks since they also fight unpleasant smells and the growth of fungi and bacteria due to its antibacterial features.

In addition to this, you will enjoy its water-wicking qualities which will help your feet to stay dry and therefore prevent from getting any infection.

We are ready to state that Nano Socks are a perfect choice for healthy people who just want to get some relief for their feet after long walking or running distances or working on their feet as well as for those whose diseases have extra stress on the legs. We hope that our Nano Socks review will be a good adviser for you.

Doc Socks Review

Doc Socks happen to be compression socks developed for people who suffer from some medical conditions as well as for those who work a lot on their feet. A pair of such socks helps you to get away from foot pain and to improve your blood circulation. Doc Socks are designed to perform all of the standard functions of compression socks.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

·                    One size and unisex

·                    Open-toed and comfortable

·                    Not for everyone

·                    Can appear to be too small or too big

            About Doc Socks

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, they won’t thank you and supply you with some kind of foot ache. It covers athletes and intense activities lovers as well as those people who need to work a lot on their feet. If you would like to get rid of this problem at least partly, you should try any kind of compression socks.

One of the best choices would be Doc Socks. Doc Socks win over most of their opponents because they fit inside any kind of shoes and boots. The material is so gentle and lights that it is sometimes not felt and not noticed on your feet.

Who Can Use Doc Socks

Actually, they are for anyone who has some foot pain issues. Among them there will be those who have to fight with the following occasions:

  • Diabetics, particularly facing diabetic neuropathy;
  • People inclined to plantar fasciitis;
  • Teacher and other specialists spend a lot of time standing;
  • Runners and other workout activists facing aches in their lower limbs.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

Do Dock Socks Have An Effect?

The Doc Socks review about, as about most of other products and services, are different: some people think that they haven’t been effective even after long hours and days of their use, while others state that they have felt relief after a couple of hours of wearing them. In other words, only you can decide whether they will be helpful according to the condition you own.

One condition that we would like to describe is plantar fasciitis. It usually occurs when you have face some injury to the heel. It leads to swelling in the tissues at the bottom of your feet. Some people also feel a shooting ache when getting up in the morning.

If you have it, you should improve your feet and stop exercising until your full recovery. In this condition, Doc Socks will help the healing a lot through the compression of your feet.

Where Doc Socks Can Be Bought

One of the problems that we have found out is that you can’t buy Doc Socs in any other place, even in online stores, except for the original company’s website. One pair will cost you $21.95, but if you buy more pairs, you can get a worthy discount. You also can find your bargain during periods of big sales.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

Exchange Or Refund

While some customers enjoy using Doc Socks which reduces their aches, others may not have a similar experience. If you try to use your new pair at home and don’t feel any relief, you have 30 days to ask for an exchange or a refund.

But you should also remember that Doc Socks usually accepts a refund if you have received damaged socks or socks with some production flaws, as well as if the package was opened during the delivery. If you just don’t like the socks, the producer may refuse to make a refund.

Make sure that you ask for a refund as soon as possible in order not to lose any time. If you want to change your socks into another pair, you should try to make a request within 24 hours of receiving your purchase.

            To Buy or Not To Buy

The good thing about Doc Socks is that their sizing is standard – they have one size. That is convenient since you can just buy socks without any worrying whether they will fit you.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

Doc Socks are suitable for those who suffer from various medical conditions such as diabetic neuropathy. They also will help you if you enjoy intense activities and workouts. Many reviews of users state that Doc Socks provide more relief than recommended by their podiatrists’ socks.

Doc Socks are also a good choice because they were designed by a licensed podiatrist when he noticed the problems his patients had with other compression socks. This helped him to develop socks that are light and comfortable yet providing enough support. From that fact we can also learn how the socks got their name.


If you feel some kind of pain in your feet, we would recommend you to try Doc Socks. These compression socks offer enough pressure to increase your blood circulation. They also boost the healing of injuries.

Best Doc Socks and Nano Socks Review Top 3- How to Choose?

One size is suitable for both women and men, so in a couple, one pair can be used by both people. Besides, the socks are universally black so can be worn with any outfit.

Our review has looked through the advantages and drawbacks of Doc Socks and we hope that it will be helpful if you decide to buy some compression socks.

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