Best Compression Sleeve for Achilles Tendonitis – Ultimate Review for You

Tendinitis of the Achilles tendon is often an injury that is observed in a number of athletes who are engaged in sports in which, due to circumstances, they have to quickly switch from active running or sprinting to another speed. Solving this problem can help the best compression sleeve for Achilles tendonitis.

This applies to football, basketball, baseball, and even tennis. As many people know, the Achilles tendon is the transition from the heel to the calf of the foot, which helps you bend the foot and move.

Achilles tendon tendinitis is a type of inflammation that is most often caused by excessive sharp load, too fast change of load on the legs, strong tension of the calf muscles or flat feet.

If you suffer from this type of inflammation, you will feel an unpleasant pain in the area of the back of the foot near the heel, and usually, this pain makes it difficult for you to move your feet. In this case, when you try to move it you will feel the unpleasant sensation of pain. Severe injuries include a torn Achilles tendon, in which you will feel a slight pop, followed by a sharp pain.

Best Compression Sleeve for Achilles Tendonitis for You 2021

In addition to the standard support, ice, compression, and exercises, in order to heal the foot, a special bandage is used to help the Achilles tendon recover, and a compression sleeve is applied to the lower leg so that the pain is not felt so much.

Your doctor or personal physiotherapist can also advise you on different types of orthopedic insoles in order to cure your tendinitis faster. Suspenders or special shoes also reduce sharp unpleasant pains. They numb pain, reduce inflammation and help you recover faster from an injury.

Occasionally, in order to cure Achilles tendinitis, a special therapy is used, which is called shock wave therapy. This method of rehabilitation is used to ensure that the impact of shock waves helps to quickly heal the damaged tissue of your tendon.

If you suddenly for some reason did not help with the above methods of treatment, doctors will offer you the following: perform surgery, as your disease has become chronic. After this operation, you may be advised to wear a special bandage for better rehabilitation.

As for the question of recovery time after this injury, it depends on the degree of damage. Recovery can last from two to three weeks with normal treatment, or take up to six weeks after the injury. With the help of regular physical therapy, most athletes return to normal training after six months, or even earlier.

During physical therapy, you will learn what exercises are effective for strengthening the calf muscles, while they significantly increase the flexibility of the Achilles tendon. To prevent a problem of Tendinitis of the Achilles tendon recommended best socks for athlete’s foot.


Best Compression Sleeve For Achilles Tendonitis

DONJOY Performance TriZone Ankle Support

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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DonJoy Performance Trizone Ankle Sleeve will be a hybrid for you that combines the following properties: compression and fixation in a unique sleeve. A round structure made of carbon fiber and bamboo can provide concentrated zonal compression with temperature control properties.

This best compression sleeve for Achilles tendonitis has as many as three independent compression zones, which include: a stability zone with an injected silicone polymer correctly placed in the right place in order to provide good support for the ankle joint, and, accordingly, the advantage of high proprioception; a compression zone that significantly improves blood flow and is able to provide easy support for the joint structure and the muscle tissue located around it; a comfort zone that has a more gentle compression for a perfect match and a fairly large range of available movements.

This ankle support can and is a product that has far from the high performance you need to improve the stability of your ankle joint, effectively support the fascia of the sole and get rid of swelling and effectively treat inflammation, while it looks great in almost any type of Shoe that you are used to wearing, without compromising the fit and your performance.


  • Three convenient compression zones are correctly placed at the right points around the circle of your ankle joint to ensure better performance.
  • The silicone strip, which is inserted directly on the sleeve, adds another type of support to damaged tendons, effectively shows itself during stretching, dislocation, or during physical therapy and recovery before returning to the sport.
  • Made from all-natural carbonized bamboo, which provides excellent heat regulation and helps eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • It fits perfectly into almost any type of footwear you are used to.
  • Equipped with retroreflectors so that they can be immediately noticed at low light levels.

We recommend you to use this support with a light stretching of the ligaments or tendons, compression, plantar fasciitis and proprioception.


best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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The DonJoy Performance Bionic ankle brace is able to give you the best support in this section and effective protection during normal sports and during active pastime. A small strap, a special fastening system with flexible straps gives you the perfect comfort and comfort you need and the ability to control the compression of the orthosis.

The flexible and strong shape dramatically reduces the likelihood of your falling and spraining your ankle. A specially designed anatomical style gives you the opportunity to apply this ankle brace together with shoes, without compromising its effectiveness and usefulness.


  • The stabilizer has a well-designed shape that limits joint twisting and protects against the possibility of ankle sprains.
  • The design is equipped with a special protrusion, and the design of the sleeve itself is made so that you will feel special comfort.
  • The elasticity of the webbing allows you to ensure the correct fit.
  • Suitable for any type of footwear without loss of efficiency.
  • A special synthetic rubber that allows air to circulate freely.
  • The lycra panel allows you to wear this thing more comfortably and reduces the weight of the model itself.
  • The presence of a retroreflector for better visibility at low light levels.


best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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This best compression sleeve for Achilles tendonitis can completely cover your heel, which can provide a narrowly focused compression specifically on the ankle.

When developing this model, double J-stabilizers were used, side support was developed, and the knitted material gives the flexibility necessary for physiotherapy and ease of movement, excellent ventilation, and comfort, without setting restrictions on the range of motor ability of the ankle.

It is very light and low-profile, ideal for both the left and right ankle, effectively protecting the ankle muscles and helping to recover from injury.


  • Dual stabilizers are able to provide side support for greater comfort
  • The closed heel controls targeted compression and support your ankle joint
  • Knitwear provides excellent ventilation, has high elasticity and creates the necessary comfort
  • Special elastic bands that prevent slipping, stabilize the sleeve at the ankle
  • Special anti-microbial technology has been applied that prevents the formation of unpleasant odors, provides protection from stains and protects your joints from stretching
  • Special reflective elements for better visibility in low light conditions
  • Can be worn on both the right and left ankle.

We recommend using it for minor sprains and deformities of the ankle joint, mild inflammation or edema, arthritis, unpleasant pain, tendinitis, and serious ankle injuries.


best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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The arch and heel support effectively help fight such ailments as subcutaneous fasciitis and tendinitis. Compression occurs with every step you take, which significantly reduces the level of edema and improves your blood circulation.

It is made of lightweight material with excellent air circulation and is very easy to apply in practice – you just put it on your sock and adjust it without any problems with one small strap. In this orthosis, there are two connected air cells. One is located under the arch of the foot, and the other is located near the Achilles tendon.

When you take a small step, the first arch breaks and reduces the load on the sole. The air in the chamber, meanwhile, protects the Achilles tendon with great efficiency. And when the second chamber is inflated, it dramatically reduces the strain on the tendon.


  • The system of two air chambers provides effective pneumofixation in the periachillary areas when stepping on the heel
  • Improves comfort while walking and also improves the blood circulation in the foot
  • Light and thin material allows you to use the bandage inside the Shoe
  • Ease of use

Size Chart

Size       Men’s Shoe Size     Women’s Shoe Size

Small           Up to 7                    Up to 8.5

Medium      7.5 – 11                     9 – 12.5

Large          11.5+                       13+

Indication: Plantar fasciitis; Acute and chronic Achilles tendinitis; heel Pain

Degree of fixation: Soft

DonJoy Walkabout Walking Boot

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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The Walkabout is one of the newest publications of the DonJoy family of hikers. This simple one-piece die-cast walking part is designed to be durable and comfortable, but at the same time economical. The lowest profile bottom in the DonJoy line allows you to conduct a regular outpatient clinic.

Ideal for acute sprains of the ankle, soft tissue injuries, fractures of the lower leg and lower leg under load, as well as for stable fractures of the ankle. For large patients, pads are offered to extend the substrate.


  • Rocker bottom part
  • Low visibility
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated belts
  • Economy
  • Inhaled fiber liner

It is used for distal stable fractures of the lower leg, injuries of the ankle joint

TRILOK™ Ankle Brace for Achilles Tendonitis

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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As you move your foot from sole flexion to dorsiflexion, you cause the tendon to lengthen and bring a heavy load to it. With the help of a Trilock, you can reduce the number of plantar flexions that you perform with your foot to reduce the tension directed at the Achilles tendon.

Specially designed belts are able to absorb the force of impact and allow your tendon to temporarily transfer all the problems created by Achilles inflammation. Trilok significantly reduces pain during plantar fasciitis by lifting the arch and effectively supporting the plantar fascia. The belt wraps around the entire foot, wrapping around its central part, and provides you with support that you can adjust yourself by pulling up the plantar fascia.

Also, this model can be used as a night tire, so as not to accidentally worsen the situation with your leg while you are sleeping.

Plantar fasciitis, fibular tendinitis, sprains of varying degrees of the ankle joint and twisted ankles-all these problems are usually caused by severely weakened or damaged tendons.

This company produces a Trilock of three main elements that are very similar to the tendons of your body and mimic their action to provide protection to your ankle joint and allow you to perform leg movements in a wide range without fear. These belts encourage healthy arched posture and prevent inversion and eversion.

The best compression sleeve for Achilles tendonitis with a point lining will be an excellent solution for you to reduce the resulting swelling in the foot or ankle joint after a serious injury. Compression in addition to all of the above reduces the recovery time, increasing blood flow to bring as many useful and nutritious substances to the site of edema formation.

Compression significantly increases all the processes of your blood circulation in the body. The blood flow actually multiplies, and it gets rid of unwanted fluid very efficiently and productively, thanks to the controlled external pressure that compression provides at the moment.

Trilok is made from very gentle hypoallergenic materials that breathe freely and are low-profile, which will perfectly replace bulky, suffocating your leg canvas suspenders. Trilok will give you the opportunity to lead an active and mobile lifestyle, but it protects you from things and movements that can worsen the injury, which makes it an exceptionally great option for those who want to continue playing sports and quickly restore their former mobility.

Ossur Formfit Pro Ankle Support

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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The Ossur Formfit Pro Ankle Support is an excellent ankle compression sleeve with two built-in ankle pads that are designed to be worn after minor ankle injuries. Dynamic knitted material is certified and meets all established medical compression requirements.

This is a product of one of the leading brands on the market, which has passed repeated tests for moisture resistance and breathability, so your ankle joint will not sweat while wearing this sleeve. Modern technologies used in the production of this model increase air circulation and comfort for the front of your ankle.

With serious physical activity, it is very important to remember about the safety of training. A supportive ankle brace is especially necessary if you have recently suffered an injury to your muscles, tendons, or joints, or just want to protect yourself while performing complex exercises.

In the first case, the bandage will speed up the healing process of tissues, fix the joint in the correct position and help to safely distribute the load on the leg. In the second case, it will provide additional support and prevent overstrain of the joints. Such a caliper with an open heel fits snugly to the leg, fixing the muscles, and thus reduces the risk of injury.

The bandage does not interfere with air circulation and blood flow has a massage and warming effect. It also does not restrict movement, allowing you to fully train, without paying any attention to the fixing bandage. Remember that for the most comfortable wearing, it is important to choose a bandage that suits you in size.

Ossur Rebound Air Walker

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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Ossur Rebound Air Walker is perfect for effective treatment of Achilles tendon injuries, tendon injuries, light and medium ankle injuries, fractures and other injuries related to this part of your leg. This brace has increased stability and provides extraordinary comfort for many injuries and conditions, and offers almost point-to-point operation with specialized air inflatable technology.

If you are in pain from an Achilles tendon injury or have just had a recovery operation, this rebound air Walker can help you a lot.

The rebound air Walker is that you reduce the load on the Achilles tendon. If you are suffering from severe tendon inflammation or have just had a recovery operation, air rebound will help you by applying specially developed technology that helps you recover effectively through immobilization.

Ossur placed a large air bubble in this bracket, which is inflated to a very dense level. This bubble is located inside the tendon shape and cradles it to effectively immobilize it, preventing any chance of re-injury or additional damage.

You won’t need shoes with this foot brace. This contains a rubber sole that allows you to move around without causing damage or exposing the brace to dirt, and most importantly they produce the brace from a fairly resistant plastic that is not subject to rapid wear.

This foot brace is also quite comfortable, with an internal foam that gets rid of excess moisture from the feet, which protects you from painful sensations and excessive humidity while keeping the skin very dry and comfortable. You just need to adjust the tension of the built-in straps, which are located on the front of the bracket for quick putting on and removing it from the leg.

Manufacturers came up with this brace for use outside and created it from EVA material inside the sole, which gives the model a wonderful cushioning so that you do not experience painful sensations and do not get an additional injury while walking.

They bend the sole to bring as much naturalness as possible to your movements during movement. This foot brace is also designed using a special convenient Flex Edge technology that can adapt to the anatomy of the foot of a particular person who wears it, in order to calculate all the necessary pressure points and eliminate unnecessary pain.

The toe of the bumper is completely cut off and adjusted, which allows you to make the most accurate fit, although not all sizes are available.

This best compression sleeve for Achilles tendonitis comes in two versions: high-top and low-top. The high prime goes up next to the calf, while the low top is located just below the calf. Carefully look at the photos before making a purchase, so as not to make a mistake and accidentally order an unsuitable option for you.

Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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Fully motivated and completely comfortable night splint. Designed specifically for the requirements of any patient, the hybrid night splint effectively repairs the Achilles tendon, treats plantar fasciitis, foot damage, or post-traumatic heel pain. It operates with a special hinge to give a full set of adjustable settings during rehabilitation after an injury.


  • The articulated joint allows you to use a wide range of adjustable settings
  • The leg will always be completely safe from the possibility of additional injury
  • The tension belt has an adjustment function
  • Gives incredible performance
  • Excellent cushioning to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Muller The One® Ankle Brace Premium

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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This best compression sleeve for Achilles tendonitis has several patents, is approved by the orthopedic organization of the United States and is often used by athletes in the rehabilitation period after ankle injuries.

This is its distinctive feature, the ability to use it in sports both during injuries that have not yet been healed, and after. It fits perfectly to the leg and protects the ankle from recurrent ligament and ankle injuries. Fits on both feet.

Made of hypoallergenic materials. Due to its special structure, it does not restrict natural movements and does not affect the characteristics of the athlete’s running and jumping.

The ankle retainer, which repeats the traditional taping technique, still retains all the advantages thanks to soft straps that give flexibility and allow you to easily adjust the degree of compression. In this case, the retainer has a longer action, in contrast to the tape.

The bandage reliably protects the joint and prevents stretching and displacement of the joint due to the side straps, which also ensure a tight fit of the product to the leg and prevent slipping of the retainer. Elastic upper straps help complete the fixation of the ankle brace by securing other straps, which allows you to give the brace a neat look.

The bandage is very convenient to wear with any footwear, both at competitions and in everyday life, thanks to the ultra-thin material from which the retainer is made. The bandage has an Aegis antimicrobial coating that prevents wear and contamination of the product and eliminates unpleasant odors. It does not contain neoprene or latex. Versatile, suitable for both feet.

Muller ATF® Three Ankle Brace

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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The improved brace of the next generation of ATF®3 on the ankle. This bandage is distinguished by flexible steel spokes of a new generation, made of durable innovative material. The product does not contain latex and is versatile in use-the bandage fits on the left and right legs.

The bandage is perfect for supporting the anterior talofibular ligament and protecting it from dislocations. In this lock not completely prevent a normal range of motion, reduces the speed of movement and speed, does not restrict movement while jumping.

The brace does not restrict natural movement and provides the permanent support needed for the ankle joint thanks to the double-sided elastic back wall. The” window ” above the ankle made of the single-layer fabric increases the comfort when wearing. A plastic rigid corset supports and protects the ankle on both sides.

The retainer will be indispensable in such traumatic sports as basketball, American football, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and others. The bandage will provide support for the ankle in case of sprains and dislocations, as well as for edema.

Muller OmniForce® Ankle Joint Support A-700

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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An ankle lock that protects the ankle in the event of arthritis, pain, or sprains. The bandage reliably stabilizes the ankle joint due to the increased height of the product. Belts are tightened in the form of “eight”, which allows you to best control the compression.

Thanks to the thoughtful design with an open heel, the bandage is very comfortable. Equipped with a special Hydramesh ® insert that increases breathability. Provides an average level of support. Dimensionless.

Hydramesh® is a cooling and breathable fabric that controls the release of moisture. Equipped with an antimicrobial barrier that prevents material wear, stains and unpleasant odors.

Muller Stirrup Ankle Brace

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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The bandage does not restrict the movement of the leg during running, jumping and fast walking due to the elastic vertical elastic band over the Achilles tendon, which contributes to complete back and plantar flexion.

The bandage can be worn for a long time without experiencing unpleasant sensations-additional comfort and support are provided by the lower elastic band over the heel, which stretches horizontally, and flexible steel spokes that support the joint on both sides.

Muller ADJUST-TO-FIT® Ankle Stabilizer

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The easily adjustable ankle stabilizer has a unique design that includes a convenient Velcro closure and lacing, which allows you to adjust the bandage to fit any leg. Thanks to the carefully thought-out design, this retainer is comfortable for any Shoe size and guarantees protection of the ankle joint.

The stabilizer will help prevent injury and provide support for a weakened or sprained joint. Made of flexible soft vinyl that fits snugly to the ankle. The bandage is equipped with two steel medical spokes, which makes the joint protection even more reliable.

Thanks to the adjustable double-sided fasteners, the bandage is most precisely adjusted to the features of any leg. The product provides supportive compression and strong coverage due to closely spaced loops for laces.

Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support

best compression sleeve for achilles tendonitis

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Ankle stabilizer with the adjustable cross-strap system. Easily adjustable straps ensure a tight fit of the dimensionless bandage to the leg. Thanks to the patented cross-fastening belt system, the band provides a multi-sided fixation.

The stabilizer is made of high-quality neoprene, which creates a calming warmth, improves blood circulation, which allows you to speed up treatment, reduce pain and maintain mobility of the ankle joint. The thoughtful design of the product eliminates seams, which helps prevent chafing and irritation.

The bandage does not slip and does not stray even when worn for a long time due to the sectional shape of the product. Adjustable elastic straps guarantee a tight fit of the retainer and allow you to control the compression ratio.

We hope that this article was useful for you and you were able to choose the right sleeve for your ankle. Take care of yourself, avoid unnecessary injuries and recover effectively with the models we present.

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